How I Picked a University

Andrew Traughber

Elkton is one of the last remaining places of untouched Americana. It has a roundabout town square, a single pharmacy with a soda shop, and one stop light. Sadly, there are no elk. It’s a place where everyone knows your name, everyone waves when you pass on the road, and even though the high school football team never wins everyone still goes to the games. For 18 years, I lived and loved in this tiny tiny town. The time to trek out of my friendly home came, and I knew little about what was next.

My guidance counselor, father, and teachers all recommended different places to me, several small schools, someplace in California, and Transylvania but they were nothing more than a name to me. How do I pick which place I’ll spend the next four years of my life? I don’t know what I want to do, I don’t know what’s great about these places, I’ve only just recently learned these places exist! My dad recommends I take a day off school (SOLD!) to take tours of the universities (meh). So, I’m going from one college to another, walking the campuses, answering the same questions, and it begins to feel like speed dating. I’m just waiting for them to ask for my astrological sign.

When the tours were done my dad asked me which I liked best. “There’s something a little different about the vampire school,” I said. On that campus I felt the friendliness and community that I had grown accustomed to in little ole Elkton. The tour guide waved to friends, they waved back, and a few students even spoke to us while on the tour. It felt natural the way I was gravitated towards it. When the acceptance letters came and the caps flew at graduation, there was little doubt in my mind and heart which place was right for me. I came to Transy, and found exactly what I had felt on that pretty spring day.