How I got to Transy

Rafael Jauregui

I was born in what most people call, “Chi City,” or as you might know it Chicago. My parents decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee before I start kindergarten, so I grew up in the public schools of Nashville. You may be wondering how I ended up here at Transy and not the University of Tennessee or Vanderbilt or any number of the good schools in Tennessee. The answer is simple; I got recruited at a college fair in Nashville.

I remember leaving school that day. It had been a fairly typical day, nothing too difficult. Went  to English half asleep at seven in the morning to discuss whatever literary convention our teacher pointed out in the novel we were currently reading.  Go to the vending machines to grab some snacks for energt before Spanish. I liked Spanish; I know Spanish so I helped as a teaching assistant. The rest of the day I sat in class hoping to learn something that might spark some inspiration in me; this usually didn’t happen, but this day it did.

In my last class, the teacher said that there was a college fair that night in Nashville. Almost instantly questions flooded my mind like, “Where will I study?” “How far from home will I go?” “What type of kind of city will I live in?” “Do I want a public or private college?” I imagined that once I arrived at the fair I would see thousands of booths filled with admission counselors trying to give away handouts and talk primarily on its college’s best feature, but when I arrived at the Transy’s booth it was different.  The admission counselor talked to me as if I had known her for years. She seemed so real and it got me interested. I asked question after question and not once did she respond in a bad tone as if I were tiring her or bothering her.

This helped me to narrow down my college choices and Transy was definitely in the top three. When application season came around, I applied as soon as I could. I began researching visits for Transy and I was glad to find that they offered an overnight visit, which a lot of school I was considering did not offer.

The night I stayed at Transy was the night decided where I wanted to spend the next four years of my life. I had a great financial aid package and everything seemed to be falling into place.

As I sit in my dorm adding the final touches to this, I can still remember every part of the college search process so vividly. It makes me proud to say that I wouldn’t go back and change any of it because I am so happy here at Transy.