How to Catch the Attention of a High School Girl

Justine Yentsch

The first thing that made Transylvania University stand out to me was rather simple: the name. When you’ve been sorting through buckets of college mail all through your junior and senior years of high school, something with big red letters asking you to join “Transylvania University” is rather noticeable amongst the rest.

So naturally, I googled it.

The results were definitely good; I highly recommend looking through google images, because the results range from vintage black-and-white postcards to bright pictures of proud University buildings underneath a perfectly blue sky.

Pretty campus? Check.

And of course, that led me to checking every college-information website available, which eventually had me obsessing over every detail of my application, making sure Transylvania would like me as much as I liked them.

In the end, there were many factors that went into my decision, (liberal arts school, proximity to the city, the weather..) but my choice was made obvious as soon as I came down to visit for the first time. It was warm, despite being close to winter (since I’m from Chicago, I’m used to having my winter jacket out by October), and the people were just so…nice.

Like, seriously. The faculty here are some of the friendliest, helpful people I’ve ever met.

When I went to interview for a scholarship, I didn’t even feel nervous. The teachers that were in that room with me didn’t see me as just another statistic on their records; they saw me as an individual. They asked me questions about my likes and dislikes, what I did in my free time, my philosophy in life….all questions that I never expected to be asked by such qualified professionals.

That’s the true beauty of Transylvania University. Since it is smaller than the average state university, you feel more important, and are consequently more motivated to pursue your future. There is more faculty-student interaction, and it sure feels really nice to be able to recognize most of the faces of your freshman class (even if you’re not very good with names).

Even though it’s only been two months since I’ve packed my bags, left home, and moved into my dorm, I’m already starting to feel comfortable on campus. My furthest class is a four-minute walk from my room, I’ve memorized the hours of all the restaurants on campus, I’ve met (and became friends with) the girls on my hall, and everything is falling into place. I know now that Transylvania University was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

….and to think that it all started from me wondering what kind of university would be called “Transylvania.”