The Song of Transy

Rachel Morgan

Life is a song.

That’s the way I’ve always seen my life – musical. My family all has musical talent, and I’ve been singing and reading music since I could talk and read, respectively. I have always been the blonde bopping along with a tune on her lips, be it whistle or song. I went through all of my life with this thought, a constant in that ever-changing world of growing up.

Yet I noticed something – I never had the solo. I was a harmony singer, a background character in the music video: I never held center stage. I am a quiet person who works hard and loves to help others. I volunteer a lot and have worked with children since I was twelve. Yet even as a seventeen and eighteen year old, I was always looked over and never given the chance to show my own talents and passions. I sang harmony in life; I wasn’t getting to show people my talents.

And then I visited Transy.

Transylvania University is an amazing school – I’ve thought that since the first day. This campus was the third I visited in my search for schools, and it was the first to strike me not just as a school, but somewhere I could belong. There were no stares, no ‘visitor’ looks or dismissals; everyone was friendly and involved me. In my interview, this only continued; my hostess screamed across Back Circle to brag about her ‘Willy T applicant’ to her best friend, and took me all around, introducing me to everyone she met that she knew. It was a little corny, but in that good way, like singing “We Are the Champions” after winning a competition; it made me feel warm and giddy and happy to be there. Suddenly the spotlights were on me, and while I was still singing harmony, I felt like people were starting to hear me for who I was.

And then came the day that I was offered my solo – getting my scholarship offer. I wanted Transy so badly, yet I was terrified they wouldn’t want me – the scholarship letter proved my fears wrong. I called my mother, who was at work, and just started reading the letter to her over the phone. I’m still surprised her screams didn’t pop my eardrum! I didn’t stop singing, belting out “Invincible” and “Butterflies” and “Believe in Myself” in happiness for days, bouncing around and….well, I can’t even describe how happy I was. I sent in my acceptance as soon as I could do so, proudly proclaiming myself a Pioneer.

Transylvania isn’t just a school, it’s a school that works to make its students shine and give them a chance to take the stage. I know it’s so for me. I am finally in a place where I can showcase my passions, volunteer and sing and be myself. For the first time, I’m singing melody – and I wouldn’t want to be in any spotlight but Transy’s.