Lesley Goodaker

Picture it: A massive lecture hall. Every seat is filled. The chatter throughout the room is so deafening you feel as if you’re in the midst of a swarm of bees. The class is called to order as the seemingly somber professor walks in. The lesson begins. You struggle to see the notes scrawled across the board from your seat in the back row; yet, you sit there, too nervous to call the attention of nearly 200 unknown students to yourself. Too focused on trying to read the board, you fail to hear the professor address you: “In the back row, blue shirt. What’s the answer?” Your mouth goes dry as your peers turn to stare at you. You ask yourself, “What’s happening? I don’t even know what she’s asking about.”

Now, erase that image from your mind entirely. Instead of a massive lecture hall, picture a small conference room. Rather than 200 plus seats, picture 15 or 17 seats around an oval conference table. Rather than being surrounded by a sea of unknown faces, picture yourself sitting next to a familiar face—your RA, your roommate, a fellow athlete, or your best friend. Next, envision a marker board so close to you it would take only a matter of steps for you to reach it. Lastly, picture your professor. It’s very likely that you have seen him or her in the “caf” earlier that morning, eating alongside their students. Rather than listen to him or her stand before you and lecture, they join you around the table and open the floor for thought-provoking discussion

It is this type of intimate setting that drew me to Transy. While it has been my dream since freshman year of high school to move out of my small town and enroll in a large university, Transy has made me realize that I would much rather be an individual to my professors instead of just another name or identification number. Since coming to Transy, I have found myself being greeted by name throughout the day by professor, staff, and other students; something not often found at a larger university. There has rarely been a time in class that I felt intimidated or anxious at voicing my thought in fear of what others may think. Transy’s environment is truly one of a kind.

I chose Transy because I knew that my education mattered to my professors. I chose Transy because the discussion doesn’t stop just because class ends. I chose Transy because I like to try new things—like Sculpting and Salsa Dancing. I chose Transy because I know I will go farther than I have ever dreamed possible. I chose Transy, but Transy also chose me.