Searching for names, not an education.

Sam Crankshaw

At the start of my college search, I was searching for names, not an education. The image of a tulip filled quad in the center of an east cost megapolis kept coming to mind. It was a Top Ten or nothing.

Despite growing up just twenty minutes away from Transylvania, I had never even considered applying to that small vampire-laced college on North Broadway. But one day, my dad drove me around campus, and I decided to sign up for a tour.

One thing after another kept shouting in my ear, “Sam, Sam!! Come to Transylvania! You’ll love it here!” If it wasn’t the beautiful campus set in a rich, urban environment, or the rambunctious tour guide, it was probably the friends I had known my whole life who had chosen Transy as their home, literally yelling the above quote right in my ear as I passed several of them while touring.

After the tour, I found myself with my admissions counselor. This made me quite nervous because this was the only school I had toured that had individual appointments as a standard part of every tour (but I later discovered that things like this make the Transylvania distinction). I reluctantly stated the excessive number of times I had taken the ACT and managed to completely forget every single aspect of my high school career that mattered, but my admissions counselor had faith in me, and I applied.

I soon returned to campus for several events catered to prospective students. I met with professors at small get-togethers, saw my admissions counselor, and got to meet several upperclassmen. Immediately the choice became clear.

At Transylvania I had the freedom not to just choose from more than one of the countless majors and minors offered, but I could even create my own. I could study abroad while maintaining a budget. I could live in the heart of a growing urban center, yet have the peace of a rural campus. I could get involved in clubs and organizations ranging from a world-cup quidditch team (yes, the harry potter game), greek life, service organizations, outdoors clubs, and so much more.

Since enrolling, I have not just been given the opportunity to grow intellectually, but I have been forced to. As a part of Transylvania’s most diverse class in its 233 year history, I have gotten to immerse myself in a community of students and professors from several different countries, states, religious backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, ethnicities, etc.

Transylvania may not be ranked as having the highest tuition in the country and it may not be in a flashy east coast city, but Transylvania University will provide an exceptional education tailored to you, a supportive community that will develop you into who you truly are, and prepare you for the rest of your life.