Fact or Fiction?

rachel johnson

Dear Prospective Students,

As a rising college freshman, you will hear a lot of silly myths about what college is like, and you will also learn quite quickly that usually untrue. Here is a short list of some of the most college myths and how Transy has been able to debunk them for their students:

1) MYTH: Teachers don’t care.

TRUTH: At a larger university students do not seem to get as much attention as students do at Transy; however, to say that professors are completely uncaring takes it a step too far. It is absolutely true that Transy students are a little spoiled in regards to professors: they are interesting, educated, well-traveled, and care a heck of a whole lot about their students, how they preform, and how their lives are going in general.

2) MYTH: College is 1,000,000x harder than high school.

TRUTH: College is more difficult than high school, and there are a lot of reasons why. During your first year of college, you’ve moved away from home (even if it’s only an hour), you have to adjust to having a roommate, there is more coursework, etc. The biggest difficulty in all of this is the key to solving all your problems: learning time management. College is more difficult because you don’t have anyone to organize your life for you, not because there are more infinite amounts of homework or because your bed isn’t always made. Learning how to manage your time will allow you to adjust to the situation as a whole more easily.

3) MYTH: You have forever to choose a major.

TRUTH: This isn’t to scare anyone, because in all reality, you do have a little time to choose your major. However, I would like to stress a little. The first two years of your college career can be spent filling your general education requirements, but you aren’t doing yourself any favors by taking random classes. Go into college with some ideas about the fields of work you would like to educate yourself in, and use your general education courses as weed-out classes. You’re interested in a Biology major? Taking Chemistry the first semester might change your mind. The message here is that you might change your mind and you don’t have forever to make it up.

4) MYTH: You must go Greek.

TRUTH: The statistics will say that going Greek is essential to the college life. False. Transylvania’s campus is actually 50/50 Greek and non-Greek, despite what you may hear otherwise. Although going Greek does have great benefits, there are benefits to remaining independent or unaffiliated as well. Joining a Greek organization is completely up to the individual, and I cannot stress that enough. If you’re on the fence about it, there are a lot of options: you can go through recruitment in the beginning of the first semester, wait and go through Spring recruitment, or even wait until the following year, maybe you want to get to know the members on a personal level first. It’s completely up to the individual.

There are a ton of other myths that I could debunk, but it’s better if you learn some of the lessons for yourself.

Don’t let college scare you, and good luck at whatever university you have chosen to attend in the autumn!