Lexington Spotlight: Third Street Stuff

malory thelen

If you are like most of the college student population in America, you need a healthy dose of caffeine every once in a while (or even every day) to keep your energy levels high, to get you through classes, or to keep you awake at night while writing lengthy research papers.  Since Transylvania and Lexington entrepreneurs understand these tendencies, there are several coffee shops in the area.  From the on-campus Jazzman’s Coffee and Bakery to the quintessential Starbucks locations, there are options and different atmospheres for every person’s tastes.  However, the coffee shop award for “Best Personality” unanimously goes to Third Street Stuff and Coffee.

As a five minute walk from campus, Third Street Stuff is convenient.  Yet, I know that a lot of people would go out of their way for this place.  Here’s why:

It is funky.  There are colorful skulls and crossbones everywhere, plus the workers are hip and friendly.  Also, there is an entire wall that holds hundreds of magnet words: some write poems, some compose jokes, and others make art with words.  It is such a unique way for people to communicate with other customers and express themselves.

It fosters sustainable initiatives.  They paint their own gift card holders, their cups are made from sustainable plastic, they offer organic products, and they serve food on real plates for dine-in orders.  So, both your stomach and your mind will feel good after a visit to Third Street Stuff.

The food and drinks are DELICIOUS.  Although I think that most food is delicious, Third Street Stuff really takes the cake for this one.  Speaking of cake, they have this chocolate spoon cake that is to die for.  Their specialty drinks are equally as indulgent-worthy, and there is always something new to try!

The atmosphere is conducive both to fun and to studying.  Several Transy students take their homework to Third Street Stuff to study with good food, good music, and good people.  However, there is also an area stocked with board games from Scrabble to Candyland for much-deserved relaxation.

Third Street Stuff is one of the many unique restaurants in Lexington – this city is rich in variety and diversity.  It is a microculture for the arts, academics, and social awareness.  But, the only way to truly understand this atmosphere is to visit campus and its surroundings.  Even if you live near Lexington, being in the city is a completely different scene!