What If I Don’t Make Friends?

brittany fallen

Being an incoming freshman can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know anyone attending the same college. This was one of my biggest worries before I came to Transy. I felt completely alone when I first moved in, I kept thinking, “I don’t know a single person. What if I don’t make friends?” I’m here to tell you that this is pretty much impossible when you come to Transy; everyone is so welcoming and friendly!

I met Rachel during Orientation. I guess opposites really do attract because she is so sweet, soft-spoken, and proper and I’m…well, none of those things. I started spending a lot of time in her room, which is where I met her roommate, Lizzie. At first, we only really knew each other through Rachel and I wasn’t sure if we would ever really hang out on our own. Then, the Blacklight Party rolled around! Dancing like idiots all night led to a real friendship.

Then there’s Kristen, the girl who lived across the hall from Rachel and Lizzie. Don’t get me wrong, I liked her, but we never really hung out….until the dreaded May Term class that we found ourselves in. For some unknown reason, Kristen and I thought that taking an advanced class like “Behavioral Pharmacology” would be a dandy idea our FRESHMAN year. We spent so many nights studying 1,000 notecards while everyone else was going out and playing volleyball in Back Circle. Needless to say, we bonded through our misery. These three girls have become my best friends and I don’t know what I would do without them!

I know you’ve probably heard this before but, college is where you will meet your lifelong friends. Trust me, you will make friends, so don’t worry.