Best Apps for College Students

rachel johnson

It’s no secret that technology has become an integral part of the common human experience. Although there are some negative aspects to encroaching technology, it also opens many doors that people may not have otherwise been able to open.

Technology brings people together and allows us to share more of our lives than ever before possible. Technology has also increased our ability to seek and acquire massive amounts of information in very small periods of time, and college students in particular seem to be deeply in-tune with technological developments and the changing society that has been created by it. Every day we incorporate a piece of technology into our lives, ranging all the way from the newest model of the iPhone to the stop / start button on the newest model cars.

The iPhone has become a staple in the life of a college student and here are a few of the apps that allow us to stay on top of the different aspects of our lives, which are as various as the technology we use to supplement them:

  • 1) Evernote. Evernote is a popular (and free) app that allows the user to create different notes inside the app. It has a myriad of different Microsoft-Word-processing-like functions that make our notes both organized and attractive. I am an avid user of this app in many of my lit classes because the toolbar allows for quick and easy access to the elements that allow me to organize my notes for more effective studying.
  • 2) Dropbox. Dropbox is a place online where you can create an account and dumb files of all sorts inside for safekeeping. Whether you need more space for pictures on your iPhone or you need to backup your 30 page research paper, Dropbox can be accessed from both the web and inside the app. Both are convenient ways to store a file if you have forgotten your (surely) previous and safeguarded flash-drive. Many teachers also use Dropbox as a way to eliminate  wasting paper (and probably some of the extra work they have to do when grading papers).
  • 3) Social Media. I am a huge proponent of social media. Of course, it is easy to overwhelm yourself with all the different types of social media available these days: Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, Google+, oh my! Whatever your choice, social media is one of the ways that humans have found to better connect themselves. We can share parts of our lives in ways that solidify our connections and allow us to not only find out more about ourselves as people, but ourselves as part of the world.
  • 4) Pandora. Music has become as important in our daily lives as water and air. There are many different apps that have connections to playing and finding music, Pandora takes the cake for the best music-playing app. Although the Spotify program is the better overall, that is limited to computer usage. On a mobile device, Pandora most definitely has the better presentation, usability, and practicality.
  • 5) MapMyRun. For the fitness minded college student, Map My Run is a great way to connect with others who share your passion for running. Although I have enjoyed using the website, this app is next on my list to download. You can map out your route and then post it for others to look at. Not only are you sharing something you love, you are making it easier for others to find new runs (which we all know can be a pain).

The world is ever changing, but there’s an app for that.