Know Your Info–Get the App

dorcas washington

It’s time to have the talk with your parents. Yes, the insurance and money talk.

Too often people don’t expect to have to go to the doctor or mechanic in Lexington and end up having to. For me, it was planned.

My mom sat me down and gave me copies of my health insurance card and my proof of car insurance. Depending on how you pay your car insurance your proof of insurance can expire annually, every six months etc. My parents made me put a reminder to print off my proof of insurance offline when it expired, which I was grateful for [You never know when you are going to be pulled over and need it].

For my health insurance, my parents informed me I could call a number on the back and give them my name, birthday ect. and they will give a list of providers in my area. This came in handy when I was sick earlier last month.

You’re probably thinking, “this will never apply to me.” I thought the same thing.

I had a small sized chip in my windshield. Instead of calling my parents and freaking out, I used my insurance app on my phone (get the app!!) filled out the form and had the windshield fixed by the weekend.

You’re gonna have serious talks with your parents before you go off to college, this is one of them you are going to want to have!