Leaving London

ameka menes

I was born in Budapest to two Hungarian parents. I like to think I’m half American and half Hungarian, since I was raised mostly in the states. Another way of seeing that is that I’m half European. So when I getting ready for my May term trip, I thought I’d enjoy London – it has a lot to offer, and a great deal that I knew would particularly suit my tastes. I love cities (Europe is fantastic, of course), and I love languages and the art scene anywhere, which was specifically what my Fine Arts class was heading to London for!

Let me give you a glimpse of my final night as I headed back to Regent’s College. I knew leaving would be difficult. I knew that it might be impossibly hard. But it’s different when it’s really, finally happening and that feeling is real.

Knowing I had to leave made me heartbroken. I was completely and utterly in love with London. I still am. But I needed to return to Lexington. Summer break was just on the other side of the weekend.

There are many amazing things that apply to London: all the languages by the multitude of people of various ethnicities, the cars driving on the left side, the old man who ate a romantic lunch with his dog, which was dressed in a vest (only in London, haha), the ancient buildings, the Tube, their politeness evident around every corner you turn (signs that say ‘mind the gap’ and ‘take care near water’), the pace of their city life, their beautifully up-kept and stunning public parks, their red double-deckers, friendly celebrity sightings, and let’s not forget all the attractive men!

It just wasn’t Lexington, you know? Not that Lexington isn’t nice – it is. It’s fine. But London really satisfied the city girl in me. With 7.5 million inhabitants in central London it’s a must-visit place. Without this Fine Arts class, I wouldn’t have been able to go anyhow, so I’m really grateful that Transy gave me an avenue to achieve something that I really wanted to do.

Heartbroken though I may be, it meant the world to me that I was able to spend two weeks there. And I imagine that you guys reading this are coming to Transy… so maybe my next adventure will be with you.