Wrapping It Up…

rachel johnson

As I looked around my room, I saw bare walls, empty desks and closets, the few bags that carry the absolute essentials, and the moving boxes, all the glass items wrapped in newspaper laying on the top. My inner English major couldn’t help but notice the significance in “wrapping up.” The boxes in front of me represented the entirety of my freshman year here at Transy.

I started from the bottom up, reflecting on each significant time frame that I experienced this year. The largest and most sturdy items were at the bottom of my box: coffee pot, miscellaneous containers, etc. These things were the foundation that held everything up for the trip home. August Term was the first definable experience I had at Transy, and that was beginning of the infrastructure that is the next three years at Transy. It was the thing that “set up” the rest of my experience as a freshman student.

The next set of things that were in my packing boxes were things I didn’t mind getting rumpled: clothes, bedding, towels, etc. These things represent the totality of my first semester. All the clothes and bedding and such all act as shock absorbers for the things that will sit on top of them; they help the fragile things from becoming damaged or broken. During the first semester, I was still adjusting to what was being thrown on top of me: two papers a week, two tests in the same day, lack of sleep, etc. I was still learning how to balance all the homework, a social life and extracurricular obligations on such an intense level.

The final things on the top of the box were the most delicate and breakable items, such as dishes. This was representative of my second semester and May Term (but they definitely don’t run together). The fragility of these times are reflected in how I felt before I had to leave. It may seem cliche, but I felt vulnerable when I had to leave, like something glass or something made by hand. Seeing that empty room, with nothing but these boxes, was the trigger that reminded me about all the things I have experienced and learned in just one year, but then I had to leave it all behind.

However, the end of the year isn’t a goodbye, but a simple vacation from all the packing and wrapping things up.