Taking The Leap

dorcas washington

It’s no secret. Transylvania is filled with people from all over the world. A lot people are from within Kentucky or just a few hours away from Lexington but, there is a growing number of out-of-state students too. I am an out-of-state  and I often get asked: Why Transylvania, it’s so far from home? And then people follow up and say they could don’t do it.

First, Transy is one of the top schools in the nation. I’m sure people hear Transy is a good school but, they aren’t really sure what that means. Sometimes I think they describing the teacher-student relationships we are able to build with our professors. Other times I believe they are talking about our wide range of major options and study abroad choices. When I was pitching why I wanted to go to Transy I explained to my parents that there was a thing called the “Pioneer Pledge”  where we could lock in the tuition rate after paying $1,600. So yes, Transy is “good” in a sense that they look out for their students.

Secondly, leaving home is tough but distance can be good. I felt like I received a push and a pull. I was sick of Illinois. I got bored freshmen year of high school and went to a boarding school where I graduated from. Yes, I love my family and friends but I new I needed to try something new. And moving to a new city 6.5 hours away would do that.

Transy was small enough that I didn’t feel overwhelming but, Lexington was large enough to let me grow. So I think people are underestimating themselves when they say they couldn’t do it. Yes, it’s tough at times but college is about discovering and exploring so why not start off in a different city?

At the end of the day, when you are making college decisions: don’t let distance intimidate you!