Weeknights at Transy

ameka menes

I believe I left off a bit ago with that whole thing about the Facebook message from that one guy, right? Yeah, I just thought I’d tug at the cliched appeal of romance, love, and all those gushy things. But that’s not what that was about. I am happy to announce that I did make a new friend that night, though.

By the time you read this, May term will have ended. You may wonder how May term is different. Well, for one, it has a nickname unlike the other terms. Really there’s Fall term, Winter term, and Play term. You see where I’m headed?

Clearly, the moniker alludes to a sense of free time. People once again reconnect with friends, their poor neglected parents, and their tvs(!). However, so much free time can be overwhelming. So my RA posted some tips at the start that went as follows:


  1. Avoid bears
  2. Go to class
  3. Go outside
    • play in back circle
    • explore downtown
    • go on a day trip
    • rent a bike from the campus center

I’m not sure what she means by “avoid bears.” It may be more useful to say “avoid squirrels,” seeing as we actually have those critters on campus. Although I personally have a hard time avoiding squirrels because I’m inclined to try my hand at catching one, so watching from nearby just has to do for my own safety.

(That was a worthless, although hopefully amusing, tangent. However, considering that I have free time in which I actually could catch a squirrel – nevermind, moving on! Exploring downtown certainly would be a safer option.)

So besides racing in the halls (which did indeed happen one night before I left for London, and was not the worst form of entertainment those girls could have chosen), what options are there for entertainment on a weeknight evening at Transy, you ask? There are frequently showings of various films by this or that club, sometimes a theater performance or two, workout sessions in the Beck Center (you’ll be glad they exist when you realize your freshman 15 is creeping onto your hips), and there’s always the pool available for a dip among other minor events that come and go as the weeks pass.

Now I sense slight disappointment. You were hoping for something a bit more sassy perhaps, like last time, right? But hey, it’s a school night! I’m saving my sassiness for the weekends.