Spring Necessities

rachel johnson

When you’re on a college campus it doesn’t simply rain…it pours. Especially when you don’t have a rain jacket. Or rain boots. Or an umbrella. My point here is that there are a few items that are worth investing in because of the amount of time you will be spending outside in less than enjoyable weather. These are still only friendly suggestions from someone who has been caught downtown with no rain gear in a monsoon, but take them as you will.

1) Weather proof jacket: Not only will this keep you dry from all types of precipitation during any time of the year, it will keep you warm as well. I would suggest investing in one with a light lining exactly for this purpose. Even if this is the only thing you’re wearing in the rain, it will keep the unexposed parts of you dry for the most optimal experience in the rain possible. 

2) Rain boots / Umbrella: The popularity of these seems to fluctuate depending on individual style, but the practicality of them never diminishes. They come in alllll kinds of patterns and colors, but I would suggest starting with a solid pair sans the funky animal print or outrageous psychedelic paisley print so that you will get more use out of them. The umbrella sort of speaks for itself.

3) Protection from the sun: As prepared for the rain as you need to be, you need to be equally prepared for the sun. I would suggest sunglasses and sunscreen as the best way to beat the heat and protect yourself at the same time.  Just think about when you’re at that afternoon baseball game or your class is in session outside…Now that I think about it, you might want to bring a baseball cap, too.

4) Things to swim in: Whether you are more comfortable in a swimsuit or a t-shirt and shorts, there will likely be times that you will want to go swimming. There is tons of extra free time during May Term and it is often filled with trips to the pool, the rope swing or the gorge.

5) Old quilt / blanket: This might sound so cliche, but you will sit on the ground during college whether it be at a campus concert, a sporting event or just on your own time, taking your daily nap out in the grass instead of in your bed. (You also will nap every chance you get.) Tip: Bring a blanket of some kind that you don’t mind getting a little dirty because it will get dirty.