What I Learned Sophomore Year

ameka menes

I picked up a few things this year. Here, I pass them on to you.

1. Go to MFA’s enclosed balcony to study and watch the sun set. There’s no other view on campus quite like it. And I know I’m giving away my secret space to study, but I it’s too beautiful not to share. In fact, that is where I am typing this.

2. Don’t be afraid to design your schedule how you want it. My adviser didn’t think it was a good idea that I only take Tuesday/Thursday classes for Fall term – but I told her I could handle it and guess what? I loved it! Winter term I wasn’t so lucky, but now that my GE’s are done I’m going to do that every semester until I graduate.

3. Work out at the Beck Center during prime dinner time. Really. If you hate being watched while you go for a run around the upstairs track, that’s the time to go. There’s next to no one, if anyone at all.

4. Take what your friends say with a grain of salt. I’m a really independent girl, but I think it’s a good idea to get feedback on my ideas and assignments. So I weigh this way: ¼ what a best friend thinks, ½ what I think, and ¼ what an impartial third person thinks. Sometimes you’ll need to follow what you think is best for you, no matter what others say. Other times your skepticism may be erased if you speak with others.

5. Professors don’t bite. Okay, I kinda already knew this, but it’s worth writing down. There were times I should have visited professors my freshman year and I didn’t. Don’t lose sleep wondering what they want or if your paper topic is a good one. Just ask. If you don’t, you may be sorry when you see your grade later.