Hello, May Term!

brittany fallen

The Holi Festival!

The Holi Festival!

May Term is like semester condensed into one month. However, you only have one class to focus on! It lasts two hours but usually flies by each day! There are also a lot of fun activities and events that go on during this time.

Last May, the Student Activities Board (SAB) hosted the Holi Festival for the first time. One of my fellow board members simply came in and said he had an idea of an event he’d like to try. After hearing his description of it, we couldn’t pass it up!

The Holi Festival of Colors is primarily celebrated in India.The festival has many purposes. It celebrates the beginning of the new season, spring (this is a great way to say goodbye to winter). It also has a religious purpose, commemorating events present in Hindu mythology. Mostly, it is used to express unity and was a way for all of us pioneers to connect with one another! So, you’re probably wondering, “What do you do at a Holi Festival?”

Step 1: Meet in Back Circle wearing a white shirt.
Step 2: Crank some fun music, like Jai Ho!
Step 3: Grab a pack of colored powder.
Step 4: On the count of three, throw your powder into the air!

Watching the different colors fill the air and cover my friends all around me was one of the coolest things I’ve done here at Transy! It was really exciting to experience something new. Not only is plastering your roommate’s face with blue powder fun, it also reminded us all that we are all equal and trying to make the most out of our lives.

So, I can’t wait to do it again and hopefully you will be able to join in on the fun one day! However, don’t be like me and go to a class discussion right after.

Needless to say, I stood out!