This Is History and I Am History

dorcas washington

Lucille Little Theater is a black box theater, a re-configurable space, where you can make your audience feel the realest theater experience. I tried something new half way through this semester by auditioning for a play.

To be honest, I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I had the spare time and really needed to put myself out there. So, after reading about this production in e-mail from TUnity, Transy’s gender alliance association, I decided to do it.

I met with  Michael Dixon, one of Transy’s theater professors, and his Today Is History class where they explained that the goal of this production is to depict 50’s and current coming of age men and women. Since this was all written by Transy students, he urged all of us to do research to truly understand the 50’s era we were traveling into. After a few days I received my lines. I found out I was performing in two pieces. I felt pretty overwhelmed but realized I had a couple of months and several rehearsals to remember the lines.

Dr. Dixon had us read our pieces line for line so we could truly understand what we were portraying to the audience. In one of my pieces I am in an interracial relationship in the 50’s set in the South. My date and I are headed to prom and he’s waiting on me. During one of our rehearsals Dixon explained that our characters are brave and, that they could be disappointing a lot of people by doing this. It was not until I truly understood my character and her importance. Opening night came and my nerves were wild but after hearing an applause the whole cast and I danced off the stage (it was a part of show but still).

At the end of this production I can say I made tons of friends and experienced countless laughs. I never thought I’d be the person involved  in theater coming into Transy but, 5 months sure did open my mind.