Transy Spotlight: Spring Sports

rachel johnson

Spring is here, and for fans, that means a lot of time spent in front the television or at the fields. Sunshine, hot dogs, and lots of excitement come to mind when someone brings up spring sports. Along with its many academic opportunities to experience something new, Transy may offer something new for the sports fan as well. Many of the traditional spring sports are offered: baseball, track and field, golf, etc, and some springs sports are relatively new, such as lacrosse. Transy has also recently broke ground for a new athletic facility!


This is Transy’s first year for Lacrosse! In an exciting and history-making event, the team secured their first victory against Alma College at Bryan Station Field in Lexington. It has been quite popular with audiences, including myself. I went to my first lacrosse game here and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s an entertaining game with lots of movement and it’s really easy to get excited. Even though the season is over, I know I will be attending more games in the future. The men finished the season with a record of 9-5 and the women finished the season 5-6.

New Athletic Facility:

Construction has already commenced on the new athletic facility and the general mood of the project is hopeful. The new athletic facility will be built on a 10 acre plot near the Fourth Street area, only a block away from Transy’s main campus. (Everything is within walking distance downtown!)

To learn more and see pictures, check out the link below!