Involvement leads to Evolvement

dorcas washington

Coming into Transy I had no idea on how I was going to become involved.

I mean, sure, we had a campus activity fair but there were so many cool clubs and I just kept thinking which ones? I didn’t want to be in too many and driven mad but, at least something to make the time go by and have fun.

After receiving several emails to come to meetings to this club and that club, I went to none and deleted them all (hey, I was overwhelmed, don’t judge me). One day I was sitting in the cafe eating dinner and a friend bugged me the whole entire meal. “Come to BSA, come to BSA. It’s tonight at 6 p.m.” So I said yes and since it was 5:52 p.m. I couldn’t ditch and act like I forgot, so I went.

Well, it turns out BSA stands for Black Student Alliance, and no it’s not for just black students but for everyone. They were there to celebrate everyone’s culture. So, I joined BSA. Halfway through the year BSA developed a new budget to align with the diversity initiative that was recently passed by Transy’s board. After helping out with the budget I realized that I wanted to be more involved.

So fast forward a couple weeks to March. After spring break I ran for BSA secretary and was elected! I haven’t had any real task to do yet but, I enjoy responsibility and I’ll keep you updated 🙂