My Transy Is… (Instagram in Words Edition)

malory thelen

Transylvania recently sponsored an Instagram contest called “My Transy is…”  Its purpose was to inspire students to capture moments or scenes in a beautifully aesthetic way.  To enter, one only needed to provide the hashtag #myTransyis and tag @transylvaniauniversity in their post (go check it out!).  Anyway, this contest inspired me to test out my literary descriptive skills, in what I’d like to call ‘Instagram in Words:’

  • Spring blossoms set against the background of a blue sky and one of our classroom buildings.  Captioned: #myTransyis blossoming!
  • Screenshot of a Twitter conversation with a professor.  Captioned: #myTransyis connected on so many levels.
  • Grande Jazzman’s Coffee cup with the Rise filter.  Captioned: #myTransyis caffeinated 24/7.
  • View of the cabin on campus and the tall buildings of downtown Lexington from the library stacks.  Captioned: #myTransyis a mix between the old and the new.
  • Professor writing on a chalkboard during a lecture.  Captioned: #myTransyis studious, even though it’s 8:30am.

The truth is, though, that Transylvania IS all of these things.  It is beautiful during the springtime, with everything blooming.  It signals a fresh start for students and professors, even if it occurs during the middle of the semester.

Students DO interact with professors inside and outside of class, whether it be face-to-face, via email, or occasionally Twitter (don’t worry, they don’t just randomly follow you).

Coffee is a necessity for many students, but Jazzman’s is more than just the place to get your morning caffeine fix.  It is a place to talk with your classmates after a big exam, to listen to some jazzy music while you write a paper, and to just relax.

The stacks are such a great place to study: it’s unbelievably quiet, you are surrounded by books, and the window seats have a great view!  By the way, that cabin I mentioned was one of the first buildings in Lexington – talk about a pioneer!

Finally, professors apply both old and new technology in the classroom, but the best teaching device in their utility belt is engaging the class in discussion.  That’s something you can’t capture on Instagram – unless you wanted to take a really awkward photo of someone talking and simultaneously using hand gestures.

So, what will #yourTransybe?