Transy Spotlight: May Term

rachel johnson

¡Hola mis amigos! Let me give you a little brief on one of Transy’s defining features.

Transy is a very unique school with a coordinating semester schedule to match. During the year, students all take up to 4.75 course units. That means (typically) four classes each worth one credit and up to .75 credits where “extras” are concerned. For example, if a student were to take guitar lessons, he or she would receive an extra .25 credits toward graduation and 36 are the requirement. If you’ve done the math in your head, there is no way to get those 36 credits in four regular semesters, and that is where I introduce the ninth credit of the year – May Term.

May Term classes are each worth one credit and fulfill the gap that exists between the winter semester and May. May Term classes are an intensified because they are around two hours every day, but they only last three weeks as opposed to a whole semester. They offered in a wide range of topic areas and cover quite a bit if ground. Classes this semester range from classes that study abroad to “Monsters, Monks, and Mystics” to winemaking to “Poesia: Lectura y Redacci” which is what I’m taking!

As the term draws to a close, the students are becoming more eager for May Term to arrive. It’s a special feature about Transy and allows students to broaden their horizons while specializing at the same time.

I’m so excited to dive into the world of Spanish poetry and redaction.

What will your first May Term class be?