Advice on Housing

rachel johnson

As the semester winds down to a close, the students reminisce on the great things that have happened this year, they prepare for that last big paper or test, among other things.

Among those miscellaneous actions, students are asked to make plans for what housing they would like the next year. Although freshmen students are assigned rooms before they arrive to Transy, it is helpful to know the housing process beforehand so that they can be prepared.

Each student is assigned a lottery number. Upperclassmen typically have higher lottery numbers because of their seniority, so they are permitted to choose housing first. Numbers are assigned randomly in each grade level. The students then line up according to number and will go into a room and sign their names in a space that represents they room they would like. There are a other aspects to the process, but they are slightly more complex, but this is the gist of the process. 

Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors have a few other options to choose from besides the freshmen living. There are Thomson and Rosenthal, which are apartment style living and require at least a 3.0 and 2.5 GPA, respectively. Poole is a suite style dorm and Hazelrigg is single rooms. You can also choose rooms in concordance to Greek life in Forrer and Davis Halls. Some people live in singles that have leadership positiions in the admissions arena (Resident Adviser / Overnight Hose).

Transy offers an array of different housing suitable for each different personality type; however, when students go to register for a room, it would be advisable to have a back-up plan in case what they are hoping for fills before they have a chance to register.