Just a Short Walk Away


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One of coolest parts of my internship this semester is the walk I take to get there. No, I’m serious.

It’s just downtown, really easy to get to (right on Broadway and left on Main Street), and because parking is sometimes expensive and hard to find, I make a 15 minute walk instead of driving.

Even in the worst weather, the walk isn’t bad at all because I pass so many cool places. I walk through the historical district and most of downtown. Along the way, there are so many different restaurants, several churches, all kinds of beautiful old houses, lots of office buildings, little shops, and more.

And all of these places are within walking distance of our campus. Living in the heart of Lexington is such a great perk for Transy students because downtown provides so many opportunities. Shopping, dining, internships, entertainment, history, sports.

As you narrow down your college choices, it can’t just be about the school. Of course education is the most important part and you need to find the right university for you. But don’t forget to look into the community surrounding those schools. You want to find somewhere that you could really see yourself living. Because as wonderful as college is, sometimes you’ll want to branch outside of what we call the Transy “bubble.”

So next time you’re on campus, take some time to explore downtown. You won’t be disappointed!