Lexington Spotlight: Keeneland

rachel johnson


Myself (in red) and my friends at Keeneland!

As ya’ll know, Lexington has many appealing venues for college age students to take advantage of. My entry on Common Grounds was a great example of a place that is loved by many college students. Another thing ya’ll might know is that Kentucky is The Horse Capital of the World, and Lexington in particular is a great example of how serious Kentucky is about this event.

Keeneland is a horse racing track located in the beautiful rolling hills of central Kentucky. The track offers two times a years open for racing fans to partake in these one-of-a-kind competitions. They are open for the Spring season from April 5-26 and will be open again in the fall, although other tracks in the country are open at different times of the year. A lot goes on at Keeneland during the year as well, such as horse sales. 

People attend the races for multitude of different reasons.

First and foremost, Keeneland is stunningly beautiful. The track is well maintained and the background is rolling hills with horses and wildlife of their own.

The social atmosphere at Keeneland is also alive and well. It is a gathering place for all ages, but college students abound, mostly found tailgating in the parking lot before the races begin. There were an estimated 25,000 people there on opening Saturday. If you’re lucky (or experienced in the field), you might win a little money from placing bets on the horses that are racing, but the excitement of horses running 35 mph exists without gambling.

If not for anything else, one is able to appreciate the natural beauty of these animals and the skill it takes to make Keeneland a success. Whatever the reason, Keeneland is a great way to spend a weekend or even a day off from class.