Weird Things People Do in the Caf

rachel johnson

The student body here at Transylvania has an extremely diverse array of interests.

There is no shortage of those interests, either. At any given time during the day, one is likely to encounter a band t-shirt, a Greek pin, a favorite clothing insignia, among endless other pieces of symbolism that reflects the Transylvania culture and the students that have created it. There is one place, however, that expression is the most prevalent part of the atmosphere and that would be “the caf.”

Here is a small list of things that I have seen recently in the cafeteria that have thoroughly amused me:

1) When people mix drinks from the soda fountain or the juice machine. One time, I saw someone mix every single type of juice that comes out of the fountain and those include: orange, cran-something, and apple.

2) When people promote events in the caf. Often times, some really crazy display will be set up in the front and music will be playing. We have had themed days ranging from Mexican, Polish, French, to cereal day. 

3) Speaking of cereal, there was someone dressed as the Trix Rabbit that day. Scary stuff.

4) Doing homework. This isn’t such a rare or strange occurrence, but it is a-typical of other universities that I’ve seen. Transy Probz.

5) When people make art out of their food.

6) Sumo wrestling. That was a recent endeavor, but it was semi-successful. It drew a crowd and it was a great laugh!

Whatever is happening in the atmosphere around you is a form of expression, and if you’re looking for something that you can always count on for a good laugh, Transy’s caf is definitely the place.