When Worlds Collide


Recently, Transylvania’s awesomely-talented choir went on a mini weekend tour of churches in Kentucky and one of them was my church at home! So of course I had to go back for the weekend to see them perform. (Remember how excited I was about Cabaret?)

Before the concert, our church hosted a dinner. Which was apparently a highlight for most of the choir performers. Because there was SO much good food. And that’s what all my choir friends talked about when I saw them on campus the week after the concert.

They performed in our sanctuary after the dinner. And as someone who had already seen them perform, the Transy choir did not disappoint.

They sang a wide variety of songs, which kept things interesting. There were songs in English, Russian, and Swedish. There were folk songs from Brazil and South Africa. They moved around a lot and several of my very talented friends had solo performances.

And as excited as my choir friends seemed about the concert at ECC (mostly for the food), our congregation was definitely more excited. Our church has three current students at Transy and several alumni. Plus as a Disciples of Christ church, the denomination with which Transy is affiliated, everyone knows about Transylvania. (More on that historic affiliation later.)

Our church organist, Dottie (a Transy alumna!) gets all the credit. She contacted Dr. Anderson, Transy’s choir director, to find out the students’ favorite foods and then sent the list out to members of the congregation so we could make sure to have those at the dinner. She posted reminders about the concert on the church’s Facebook group and placed flyers all around the church.

So after the concert, a representative from Transy’s Alumni and Development office who got to accompany the choir on tour, took a huge group picture of the choir, other Transy students, alumni, and family of students.

Seeing such a big group of past and present Pioneers was so exciting. And there were some younger people there, so hopefully the audience also included some future Pioneers!

And after seeing such a fantastic performance by such talented students, how could you not want to join? 🙂