Reverting Back to Childhood

brittany fallen

When you come to college, you will begin to appreciate things you never did as a child. Such as:

1. Naps: Naps will become your best friend in college. Actually, more like your long lost lover. As a child, you probably viewed naps as boring, perhaps even as a punishment. In college, you will relish at the idea of a nap and begin to think of it as a reward. Naps are a beautiful, magical thing (especially if you have a class at 8:30 am)!

2. Disney: As the stress begins to build due to your demanding schedule filled with classes, student organizations, family time, friendships, meetings, and work, you will start to love Disney in many forms. For me, it’s a love/hate relationship; I love how carefree it is, but I hate the stereotypes it perpetuates. Due to the classes I have taken at Transy, I have begun to analyze every aspect of media (#transyprobs). However, I must admit that I watch a Disney movie every chance I get. My friends and I watched a different Disney movie every night last year during May Term and we have plans to keep the tradition going.

3. Puppies: If you read my blog, Fifteen Common Phrases Before Finals, then you already know that there was a “Puppy Room” at Stress Fest! The Student Government Association decided to take advantage of the studies which have shown that dogs relieve stress and anxiety in humans by sponsoring a “Puppy Room” before finals. The Campus Center Gym held a number of dogs so that Transy students could play with them during study breaks. It was adorable and very effective!

4. Showers: Let’s just say, the first time you go home and get to take a shower will be amazing. It will feel like the best shower of your life, mostly because you don’t have to wear shoes in the shower at home!