The Transition From High School to College + The Writing Center

dorcas washington

I hated writing in high school. There were long papers with teachers who didn’t grade fairly and it just frustrated me. I didn’t know how to stay on focus and keep the paper moving. I never thought of improving my writing as a whole but wrote the papers. I came into Transy this dark cloud following me because I knew I couldn’t write but there were sunshine in the forecast…

The Writing Center is a great place to for students of all academic disciples.  Seniors to first-year students are all welcomed at any stage of the writing process.For First-Year students they offer an optional writing lab, which requires you to have 13 sessions with a tutor and they will give you credit. The tutors do not give you additional work but help you with what you already have. Right now, my tutor and I are working on my Research Paper for First-Year Research Seminar. I’ve been in the writing center every step of this process and it’s helped quite a bit.

Transy knows that not everyone comes into college with the same academic background. (For example, I came in with a very strong math and science background). Instead of just expecting us to catch up, they help us by easing us into the writing process with courses such as August Term, First-Year Seminar and Research Seminar. There give us whole year to strength our writing and I appreciate that Transy allows me to take my time to adjust to college academia.

I think that our tutoring program really helps out First-Year student because it makes it easier to ask for help. Even in subjects such as math, science, and foreign language Transy provides tutors who really understand their topic. In addition to this they have recently gone through the same struggles you face, such as a type of math problem. So they can even give you little tips and tricks that helped them.

So when you go to college definitely look out for writing centers and tutoring programs. You never know how much it can help unless you try it.