Snow Globes and Munny Dolls

dorcas washington

Munny Dolls

So, I know I’ve talked about my Intro to Visual Arts class before but we do so much cool stuff I have to share it with you guys! Over my lovely Spring break I designed a Munny Doll. A Munny doll is a “do-it-yourself” toy in which you are allowed to design, add, take away feature to the prefabricated doll and create something new.

First we had to decide who or what our dolls were going to be and then either make a personal ad or an obituary for our it. I made my doll into Zombie Rick, a Canadian model who has over 80%  of his body tattooed! He has an interesting story on why he’s called Zombie Rick (click to check it out). So, after this we did sketches and used those to begin.

Then we used sculpey a type of over baked clay to add features to the doll. Some people choose to use sharpies and other medium but we had a wide range to choose from. As of right now my classes Munny Dolls and another art classes’ snow globes are on display at Transy in the student gallery at our Shear Art Building. (Yes, we have a building just for art).I love that Transy pushes me to use my creative side. It’s been awhile since I have gotten credit using my left-brain.

Below are some pictures from Transy’s Student Gallery: