Why I Love Kentucky (and Why You Should Too)

rachel johnson

Take a minute to reflect on the things, places, and people that you really love. Now take another minute to think about why. It’s not always apparent or easy to realize why things stir our emotions, but it’s important to know why because it’s a part of what makes us who we are. Loving Kentucky has given me an identity.

“No place, no matter how majestic, compares to the piece of earth where you have put down your roots.” ~Oseloa McCarth

The number one reason I love Kentucky is because it is my home. I realize that this is a strictly personal reason, but consider all the reasons that you love your own home. My roots are here and there is no more amazing feeling than the moments I can return to them.

Another thing that makes Kentucky wonderful is the type of people it produces. I’m not normally one to perpetuate or encourage stereotypes, but the one about “southern hospitality” is 100% true. I have been surprised by how naturally that kindness is expressed by complete strangers that I have encountered. It sounds biased because I’m from Kentucky, but I expected the mentality of people in Lexington to be different from the Southeast. It turns out that Kentuckians are a rare breed of consistently kind people.

Who hasn’t heard of Kentucky basketball? And who doesn’t know about their intense rivalries? As a fan of basketball in general, I truly appreciate the talent that Kentucky is famous for displaying. I also enjoy watching teams like Louisville work their way up the ladder of  talented teams. Both teams are generally well-stocked and preform remarkably, especially when it comes to rivalry games. The emphasis on sports in our state makes for some crazy experiences, no matter which team you’re cheering for.

One of the things Kentucky is famous for is the beautiful scenery it offers. No matter which part of the state you’re in, there is something beautiful to admire. In the Southeast are the Appalachian Mountains, rows and rows of different crops, elaborate farms, and wide-open skies. Here in Lexington there is the Urban Fayette Area that comes alive at night with lights and people bustling around as well as rolling hills and beautiful horses. We might just be the horse capital of the world.

My home.

The final reason that I love Kentucky is because of Transy. Not only does Transy offer amazing opportunities in academia and the professional world, it fosters community and pride within student – much like being a resident of Kentucky does for my identity. Transy has been a place (within the place I love) that allows me to put down new roots and have a new place to come  back to.