An Apple a Day Keeps Freshman 15 Away!

brittany fallen

Are you freaking out about how to stay healthy while in college? It really isn’t that hard and honestly, the “Freshman 15” is a myth! Obviously, you have to be health-conscious while you’re in college or you could very well gain fifteen pounds. This is because you now have sole responsibility over what you eat/do.

Since you don’t have your parents here to tell you what to eat, you might be tempted to eat pizza and ice cream every night for dinner. This may seem like a great idea for a while, but eventually you’ll start to notice that you can’t walk to your dorm room without feeling like you need CPR. Of course, you need to be concerned with overall health, not just how you’re going to look when swimsuit season comes around! So, what are some ways you can stay healthy while in college?

Healthy food options- Sure, it’s ok to order Chinese food every now and then, but you should be making healthy eating choices as often as possible! You can do small things like limit yourself to one soda a day, eat salad for lunch instead of french fries, and buy dried fruit to snack on in your room instead of a bag of M&M’s. 

Take the stairs- It can be tempting to take the elevator, especially when you have a backpack full of books. Resist! If Frodo can get the ring to Mordor, you can make it up the stairs.

Wash your hands– C’mon now, you’re definitely old enough to do this.

Visit the Beck Center- All Transy students can go to the Beck Center and work out…for free! Take advantage of this! You can work out on your own or you can work out in a group fitness class like Zumba.

If you are feeling ill- Visit the nurse, Laina Smith! She is on campus Monday-Friday from 8 a.m-5 p.m. Her office is located in the back of Forrer Hall.

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