The Traveling Debate

ameka menes

Where to go? If I choose to go, that is?

These are two very big questions for you, high school seniors, and so they were for me when I was looking at May Term classes. Should I take an eclectic, fun class? Should I take something to fulfill a requirement? You’ll face these decisions too but you, unlike me, are not there yet.

So let’s address where you are, at this very moment. Perhaps you’ve gotten an acceptance letter from Transy; maybe you’re waiting for one. It’s probably the same of the other schools you applied to. There’s this subtle anxiety that you can’t really dwell on for long because then nerves will get the best of you. That’s when thoughts like, ‘What if I don’t get accepted to any?’ start up and, without your realizing it, set up shack in a corner of your noggin and come knocking again at weak moments.

But neither you nor I want that. So don’t overthink it. I’ve done that waaay too much myself. Especially my freshman year. It will cause more harm than good.

Putting worry aside, I (as you’re doing right now, right?) contemplated and investigated all the courses offered. I wanted to make a sound decision for me (Hint! Life tip: always evaluate all options closely!) so I didn’t automatically choose the one that seemed most appealing judging by the course description. I spoke with both the professor teaching the course as well students who had traveled abroad. Then I called my dad.

I told him, “I want to go to London, for May Term.” It definitely took some convincing, a lot of explaining, and allowing him some time to mull it over, but he got back to me a couple weeks later and encouraged me to go. So that was how it came to be that I enrolled in the Fine Arts class trekking to London in a few months.

I made my decision, but what about you? What kind of college will make you the happiest? What kind of experience do you want? I hope it’s Transy, but if it’s not, you’ll be better off in the long run choosing a setting you enjoy than one you despise. This is four years of your life, and which institution you pick will determine your friends, the difficulty of your classes, and the setting that you live in, to name a few.

I’ll leave you now to consider: Will you go far? Will you reach for the (im)possible? Will you join me at Transy?