Booty Pop and Yoga and Chisel, Oh My!

malory thelen

At Transylvania, there are A LOT of people who are dedicated to staying fit, and that is pretty inspiring for the seasonal soccer player turned couch potato, aka me.  I was undecided on whether or not I wanted to play a sport in college, but ultimately I decided that I would stick to intramurals, so I had more time to experiment with new ways to get involved on campus instead.

Yet, I was also determined to keep away that Freshman 15 (yes, it exists and I hate it).  So, one day last semester I decided to check out the “Booty Pop” class in the Beck Center (Transy’s multipurpose exercise building), and I was hooked!  This class incorporates hip-hop and popular music along with fun, easy-to-follow dance moves.  Trust me, these steps make even the most uncoordinated person (again talking about myself here) look good, and it’s an excellent work-out with great people!

This month, I stepped out of my comfort zone again by dragging one of my friends to yoga class.  It turned out to be really relaxing, yet challenging at the same time.  I was even sore the next day since we stretched muscles that I didn’t even know I had.

For the days when I eat a couple extra cookies at lunch, I could go to the abs group class, I could join the Chisel work-out, or I could participate in Guts and Butts.  In addition to group fitness classes, there is an indoor track, basketball courts, and a multipurpose room filled with contraptions and machines as well as televisions to watch as you pant on the treadmill or lift as you please.

Finally, for those less inclined to intense exertions, you can always grab a friend and start a game of ping pong or billiards in your residence hall.  Billiards can burn 58 calories in a thirty minute game, while ping pong burns 116 calories!

Happy exercising!