Getting Paid to Get Involved


I have an awesome internship. That is not an exaggeration. It’s wonderful.

Officially, I work for CirrusMio, a local software development company. For me, that’s not the exciting part. I know very little about the actual software, though I learn new computer terms every time I’m in the office. The cool part is the website they’ve created.

In October 2012, CirrusMio launched the website CivicRush. And it’s awesome. It’s a social networking site that revolves around community service. The site connects individuals and organizations. Say you’re looking for somewhere to volunteer for NHS service hours or to fulfill your fraternity’s philanthropy requirements. You can log onto CivicRush and find organizations and events in the area that need volunteers. Charities can post events they’re hosting, donations they need, and specific services their volunteers would provide.

Told you it was cool!

My job, along with Haley (another Transy intern from the Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication department), is to work with the Marketing Director, Tanzi (who is a Transy grad and also really awesome).

Haley and I have done all sorts of cool projects. We have written press releases, done research, shadowed meetings and user groups, and even created the company’s first communications plan (with a mission statement and everything!).

We have also done a lot of writing for the website itself. For example, if you log into the donation part of the website, CivChoice, you’ll see helpful hints/tips written on the right side of the page. We wrote those! We’re also in the process of coming up with the site’s official slogan. How cool is that?

So that’s all background info for the most exciting thing we’ve gotten to do so far. Last week, we got to tag along on a networking event. A nonprofit organization, Local First Lexington hosts “monthly mixers” for its members, with a featured speaker or presentation. (Instead of trying to sum up all that Local First Lexington does, why don’t you check out their website on the link above? And don’t forget to like them on Facebook!)

This month, CivChoice was the presentation! And the mixer was held at the Kentucky Theater (just go ahead and check them out as well. Definitely one of the coolest places in Lexington — a historic movie theater downtown).

So members of LFL came to learn about how they could use CivChoice to raise money for their organizations, as well as to help their employees donate to other charities. Haley and I were in charge of teaching people how to use the website by showing the page on iPads. We met really cool people and had a chance to get to know our coworkers at CirrusMio better.

And ate popcorn. LOTS of popcorn. Hey, it was free and we were at a movie theater, so no judgement allowed.

Anyways, it was an awesome way to feel more involved in the wonderful community that Lexington is. There are so many people doing so many great things around here, and it’s so exciting to be a part of it!

I will definitely be writing more about my internship soon, so no worries there. For now, a few shameless plugs. Check out CivicRush on Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to make a profile on CivicRush itself. It’s so easy, you can log in using Facebook or Google+, and you’ll find all kinds of ways to get involved in the community.

If you have any questions about the site, how to sign up, or how to use it, I can totally help you. Because that’s my job!