A Chapel Full of Spectacular Strings

dorcas washington

Spectacular Strings is a music recital in which most of the students, who play a stringed instrument, participate in once a semester. The violin and viola music teacher, Joanna Binfordm has been giving lessons to Transy students for years now and this semester she chose fiddle tunes to celebrate our Bluegrass heritage. After weeks of practice and four group rehearsals we all met in Old Morrison’s Chapel for the final fiddle show down of the year.

Joanna always has her students do an interesting entrance to begin the show. Last semester each student walked while playing our instruments. This time we were dispersed throughout the audience and began play at different times while walking towards the front, where we preformed. Then we played three fiddle tunes and went into duo and solo pieces. I did three short duos with Joanna which we had been practicing for a couple weeks. There were cellist and double bassist players who also preformed. We ended with “French Folk Song” preformed from memory.

Transy appreciates the fine arts. So much, that students can take lessons for 1/4th or 1/2th credit with no extra charge. It’s nice to not let nine years of lessons go down the drain. I like playing and if I can get credit for it then why not! You can begin or continue less at here. Transy offers lessons for several other instruments including piano, brass and wind instruments, banjo, guitar, percussion and I’m probably missing a few. Another sweet thing about our Fine Arts Program is that as long as you participate in a group ensemble you can get scholarship money even without being a music major!

So ask your admissions counselor or click this link for more information.

And I expect to see you at the next Spectacular Strings concert!