Lexington Spotlight: Common Grounds

rachel johnson

As a prospective student, I was genuinely interested in the culture of the city I would be living in.
As a matter of fact, the size of the city the college was located in was a deciding factor for me. Transy offered exactly what I felt I needed: more space to roam around than my tiny town of 7,000, but allowed me to become part of a smaller community so that I didn’t feel so overwhelmed. Here’s a look at one of the cool opportunities that Lexington venues have to offer!

If you’re seeking a little part of underground Lexington culture, look no further than the corner of Rose and Grand on Monday nights.

Around 8:30, people begin to pack themselves in the slightly dilapidated house that is Common Grounds for open mic night. The atmosphere is so alive: there are people running around, setting up equipment, others buzzing in the corner with soft conversation, and musicians warming up their instruments and voices. The seating is scarce, but people are genuinely friendly and don’t mind sharing space.

I’ve met an array of (to say the least) interesting individuals who all have great stories and open personalities, which makes meeting new people here a breeze. The talent ranges from great to…really bad, but it’s at the worst entertaining and at its best, mesmerizing. If you go consistently, you develop relationships with the musicians and sometimes even learn the words to original songs.

If eye-opening experiences are a priority for you in college, even if you don’t think it’s initially your scene (I didn’t), it’s worth the experience to at the least check it out.

Check out the video of one my favorites at the top!