The Box I Live In: Part 2 – Don’t Let Your Fridge Go Naked

ameka menes

Picture of my room - with me kind of in it, haha

Picture of my room, with me kind of in it, haha!

Caution: Discussing decisions with your roommate prior to large or spacious purchases is recommended. However, you do not need to ascertain whether they like Maroon 5 in order to bring along a poster. Your taste as a whole does not need to merge with whom you reside.

That aside, I certainly advocate bringing posters, but there are also other clever things you can do to make your space unique to you. For one, bring magnets for your fridge. I see so many naked fridges, it makes me shudder. Dress them up a bit! On mine I have quote and painting magnets, a letter from a Transy classmate and friend, and no less than 13 Mad Mush (a pizza place downtown) mushroom-shaped magnets parading around the edge of my fridge – among others. My fridge has character. Yours should too.

You can also invest in fun rugs. I actually have a myriad of different ones about my floor: dark blue, zigzag rainbow, marbled pink… You get the idea. True, I may be artsy and proud of it, but you can find cool rugs for any taste to make your part of your box homey.


My one of a kind dragon!

My one of a kind dragon!

Lastly, I will turn to my attached picture which illustrates several more things you can do. As you can see, I hung up a Christmas garland from the ceiling with clear hooks. I originally did this for Christmas, then just left it up because I liked the added pop of color. I also printed off loads of pictures and quotes from Pinterest and collaged them over my mirror. To save colored ink, I printed those lacking color in only black and white. To save on ink and paper in general I would amass several images on one Word document page and then print them off.

As I’m sure it may catch your eye, there is indeed a small chandelier hanging in the corner of that picture. This was originally a holiday ornament I came across and fancied the design. I mean, it doesn’t look like your average holiday ornament. There’s also a dragon with a bobbing head that I bought from a local artist. It was so cool and one of a kind – I couldn’t leave it.

I guess in time, I’ve collected this and that. And don’t worry if you come to college with few belongings in tow – you’ll have plenty opportunity to find things that suit you through the numerous events that happen both on and off campus.