Pinterest Keeps My Grades Up!

dorcas washington

A mural in downtown Lexington

A mural in downtown Lexington at Limestone & Bryan

We all know how addictive Pinterest can be. But this time it actually helps your grade instead of killing valuable time. As a general education requirement, students have to take a fine arts class. I chose to take Intro to Visual Art with Kurt Ghode. He is an artist who regularly involves himself in the Lexington Community and teaches at Transy. He told us to “pin” 15 graffiti items in Lexington and add it to our class’ board on Pinterest.

My friend and I loaded into my truck and tried to find graffiti but we mostly found large murals (see right). That’s when I realized that I’d actually have to get out and walk around so that’s what I did a couple days later.

It was freezing outside but it seemed liked there was street art on every block. It’s amazing what you can see when you actually take the time to look. There’s spray paint, stickers, stencils and other forms of art all around the city. I chose to walk south on North Broadway and wander around a little bit. Eventually I found my way back to campus in time for Sunday brunch in the Caf. I ended up pinning more pictures than I need.

I hate to admit it but this didn’t even feel like homework. It felt like I was on a little treasure hunt. Before this class, general education requirements didn’t have a lot of value to me. You just did them cause you had to.

Now, I’m truly understanding why Transy has a liberal arts curriculum. Who would take a fine arts class if they didn’t have to?

But Transy makes you question, would you take another one? Yeah. I think so.

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