brittany fallen

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The end of your senior year can be an exciting and scary time all at once.

But, before you begin to worry about what’s to come after graduation, focus on enjoying what’s left of high school. For me, there is one thing that I began to get excited about right around this time in 2011: Prom!

I know that many of you are figuring out what you’re going to wear, who you’re going to go with, where you’re going to eat beforehand, etc. I also know that many of you are getting sentimental and perhaps a little worried that this is the last time you will be able to do anything like this. However, that isn’t true!

At Transy, there are a lot of opportunities to attend social functions. Just this past weekend, I attended my sorority’s Winter Formal.I found a cute dress, goofed off with friends at the photobooth, and literally danced until I dropped.

Since I’m the Social Events Chair, I had to stay to clean up, which I wasn’t thrilled about. However, my sorority sisters weren’t going to let me do it all by myself. We danced around like fools in the empty ballroom to none other than the classic Footloose.  It was magical nerd moment and it actually made cleaning up a lot of fun!

Anyway, this event really made me reminisce about Prom because it was one of those great high school memories that I’ll never forget.

So, enjoy your Senior Prom!