The Box I Live In: Part 1 – The Basics

ameka menes

When you get to college there is a process you may or may not choose to follow when moving into your designated box i.e., “dorm room.”

This is the box a great deal of your college life will orbit around. Think of it as your personal source of gravity. Essentially, everything pulls you back at one point or another. So, with that said, I wanted to take a moment to tell you a little about my box.

I currently live in a single, which means I have to furnish all the items that you will probably split between yourself and your lucky roomie. So I have a fridge, with lots of magnets on it, microwave conveniently placed on top. I chose not to bring a TV. That was a very personal decision since I love TV, and I have lots of shows that I wish I could watch regularly, but if I had a TV in my room that would totally be my academic downfall. I have known of peers who watch way too much TV and their academics suffer. It’s something to consider, whether a TV is a good idea for you.

Next, I really recommend crates, like the kind you get at Walmart. They are super sturdy, not too large or small, and stackable as well as easy to slide and maneuver. I would say lots of students rearrange their room at some point, and crates can help in that. Even if you don’t, it’s still a great way to keep organized. They are available in several colors, so you can put the fish supplies in the red one and cleaning supplies in the blue one.

If you’re not the biggest fan of overhead lighting, bring a lamp. You can bring a large or small one, for either your desk area or beside your bed for late-night reading (which happens to all of us, no matter how well we manage our time).

Lastly, bring plenty of hangers (girls, especially you!), batteries (for the random things that need them), quarters (for your laundry), and a planner of some sort. That last one is really important because odds are you’ll get involved in things in college. You’ll need a way to keep track of all the tests and papers as well as what night you’ll hang out with your friends and when club and organization meetings are. Regardless of whether you manage these on your phone or purchase a paper version, a planner is vital to your success on campus.

That’s all I have for the basics, but I will at a later time elaborate on the finer details of my box. These will include particulars such as decorating ideas, how to be super organized with a hectic schedule, and other optional things you may want to bring once you’ve been informed of how they can come in hand.


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