Advice from the President

rachel johnson

Presidential Inauguration – January 2013

I realize that it’s a little late, however, I feel that the presidential inauguration was one that incited American nationalism from all, regardless of party, race, gender, ethnicity, or religious background. The words of the speech are at such a level in which they are meant for every American willing to listen, and there is one part in particular that stood out to me as particularly inspiring for this year’s upcoming class at Transylvania. Amazing, that the words meant for a country can be applied to the principles of the college admission process.

“But we have always understood that when times change, so must we; the fidelity to our founding principles requires new responses to new challenges…” ~Barack Obama, Inauguration 2013

At this time last year, I can remember receiving acceptance of all five colleges and universities that I applied to. Not only was I overwhelmed by the prospect of what college to choose, I knew there would be different challenges in the process of adapting to each one. Every school has its outstanding and wonderful features and I feel that is included when one comes to Transy is the ability to adapt quickly and in a way that fits, just as President Obama commented.

We are all aware that we must eventually adapt to some change, and that concept is almost never reassuring, but I know that between my choices, I had the easiest time adapting to my new lifestyle at Transy.