A Guide to the Hop

ameka menes

There are 52 galleries, studios and venues for the arts in downtown Lexington!

There are 52 galleries, studios and venues for the arts in downtown Lexington!

For those prospective students not from Lexington, you’re probably new to Lexington’s Galley Hop as mentioned by my fellow blogger.

These are art exhibits and artist studios that are open for public viewing and have displays as well as food and music once approximately every two months. Friday night was the first Gallery Hop for the year 2013. In my opinion, it was the best yet.

Students tend to go Gallery Hopping in groups or with a friend. It’s a social event as much as it is meant to be an artistic one. So this past weekend I invited one of my guy friends along and we met in front lobby at 5:30 and headed out.

It was kind of cold out, the sun setting, as we walked to Victorian Square Shoppes. It is just downtown on East Main, maybe a ten-minute commute on foot. On the first floor are various shops and galleries. If you take the elevator up to the fourth floor you’ll find several artist studios. One of the artists makes these awesome fish that you totally can’t miss – see, I even took a picture for you.

awesome fish

An awesome fish

We went to the watercolor exhibit up at the public library instead. They had food there, too. Pretzels, large cookies, chocolate, etc. Drinks as well, of course. I couldn’t resist and neither, clearly, could the other Hoppers, who hogged the space around the refreshment table, discussing the art among other things.

At this point, it was dark and freezing so we decided to head back to Transy. We came up behind a couple women slowly meandering along Broadway, scrutinizing a Gallery Hop map. Perhaps we should have relied on one of those, too, and then we could have found the Ann Tower Gallery. Ah, well. Next time.

The perks of going to a liberal arts school in a city is that you’re surrounded by opportunities like this. You don’t need a car, it doesn’t cost you anything, you get free food, and your life will be enriched by local artistry!

Doesn’t this sound tempting? Don’t you want opportunities like this too?