What’s The Hop?

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The Morlan Gallery

I really enjoy living on campus at Transy. One of the best things is getting to roll out of bed, take a 2 minute walk across North Broadway and end up at the Morlan Gallery.

The Morlan Gallery is an art gallery, located on Transy’s campus, that features tons of sweet exhibits and art works all year and is also apart of LexArtsHop or The Hop.

The Hop is a series of galleries and artist studios that are open to visit by the public for free. Another cool thing is there is a trolley service that will hop you around Lexington.

Earlier this year the Morlan Gallery featured  our own Dean  LoMonaco’s exhibit on MMA fighters tattoos and the stories behind them. She went to Las Vegas and interviewed several fighters at their gyms.  And right now, Transy Alumni Bianca Spriggs’ and Angel Clark’s The Thirteen is showing. The Thirteen is a combination of artwork, poetry and other performances  that pay homage to the 13 women and young girls who were violently murdered in Kentucky. If you’re interested in seeing picture of their work click here .I’ll also post a picture of the featured art work to the right.

It’s great that Transy is a part of the Lexington arts community, but it’s also nice to be able to get off campus and see the town. That’s why I really like The Hop I am able to see so much without driving or walking very far. I get to meet local artist and I can write about it for class. It’s an all around win!

Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151240092166546&set=pb.138600736545.-2207520000.1360852423&type=3&theater by Joseph Rey Au


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