Cabaret Perfection


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So really, I just have to get this excitement out of my system. But I’m getting ahead of myself already…

This past weekend was the Transy choirs’ “Evening at the Cabaret” performance. And this year, it was Disney-themed so attendance was even higher than usual. And it was free (a magical word in college)!

Basically all the choirs/some musical groups on campus put together a concert of several songs under one theme and it’s awesome. So just imagine a concert of all your favorite Disney songs sung by college students in costume. Amazing.

I should have thought about how popular the show was going to be, so that I could arrive with PLENTY of time to get a good seat for the first show Friday night. I thought I was. We arrived at Carrick Theater just before 7, and the show didn’t start til 7:30.

But already the lines were down the hallway, and we ended up not getting seats in time (Not going to go into anymore detail because I’m still a little bitter. I mean, it was my fault for not getting there in time, and I got to see it the next night, but still. I was sad.)

Fast forward to Saturday evening. After the basketball game ended (also exciting, but ended disappointingly), I and a couple of friends headed over to the Raf (a popular eating option on campus. Explanation of the name is enough for another blog another time) for dinner around 5. Conveniently, the Raf is in the basement of the Mitchell Fine Arts Center, where Cabaret would be performed that night.

Anyways, we had a strategy. We ate dinner and by 6:15 we were heading upstairs to wait in line. There was no way we weren’t getting perfect seats for this concert. And we weren’t the only ones. By 6:45, the lines were already turning down the hallway.

We passed our time in line live-tweeting our excitement, making Super Bowl plans, and strategizing our entrance to find the perfect seats.

And when the doors opened at 7:00, we raced down the aisles to our ideal second row center seats. And waited.

There’s no way my description of the show could do it justice. But here are just a few of the songs the ridiculously-talented choirs performed: “Go the Distance (Hercules), Rainbow Connection (Muppets, remember, Disney bought them?), Kiss the Girl (Little Mermaid), A Whole New World (Aladdin), Trashin’ the Camp (Tarzan), and the phenomenal finale, The Circle of Life (Lion King).

A total of 21 songs. In costume. For free.

I really can’t explain how great it was. Partly because I’m not musically gifted, so I would probably not explain it properly. And partly because anything I have to say I probably already tweeted during the show (really just couldn’t help it).

But what was really amazing was that it wasn’t just a concert of some random group. We got to witness the awesome talent of our friends.

What a great small school perk — when you go to a basketball game or concert, you won’t just recognize some of the participants. You’ll know them from class, other organizations or from down the hall.

And let me tell you, Transy has some amazingly talented kids. Of course, Cabaret isn’t the extent of that. There are talented people everywhere you turn here.

And when you become a pioneer, you’ll be lucky enough to be friends with them!