The Communal Shower and Beyond

ameka menes

College life: the course topics, your to-be fellow students, the parties, the professors, the papers, and general life problems that try to knock you off your feet.

Does this sound like your future? Well, we college students do have a simple solution for all of the following: doubts, concerns, sleeplessness, too much sleep, romantic dilemmas, noisy hallmates, if you’re hot, if you’re cold, spiders, if you’re thirsty (but I wouldn’t recommend it)…

Okay, I’m talking about a shower ladies and gentlemen. There is nothing quite like a shower that you traverse down the hall for. The beauty of communal bathrooms is that you can show off your towel on the way to a thorough bathing, if you’re that sort of person. In the event you’re not, you scurry head down, avoiding eye contact, marveling at the color of the carpet.

Alright, I’ll address the obvious. It sounds gross, doesn’t it? Who wants to share a shower with a bunch of peers you don’t know? How many people have occupied that small space on this earth and not been clothed? Who knows what their habits were/are, the germs that infest the walls, the curtain, the floor (eww)…

But what if we put all that aside for just a minute – then what do we have? A period of relaxation and restoration. A shower is not just a shower at Transy.

As for those initial lamentations – it’s really not that bad. I swear. It does seem a little weird at first, I’ll admit. I can’t speak for other schools, but here at Transy no one wants to violate your privacy. I’d say that has a lot to do with the inconspicuously implied notion that no one else wants their privacy violated either. In all honesty, a shower to a lot of students is a chance to put aside all thoughts of schoolwork. It serves as a reminder that we as students need a break too. A few moments away from our email, away from our roommate, away from the piling homework. A shower is a small, but significant, way to take a break. Not a luxury, but a need.

Besides, speaking from the female point of view, I quite enjoy slipping back into my room smelling once again like summer flowers rather than the cold winter air that catches in my hair.


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  1. So true! Our bathrooms are cleaned everyday and with only one hall using it, you’ll never have to wait for a shower, sink, or bathroom!

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