The Acception

ameka menes

Transy was the only school I applied to. I told my parents that if I didn’t get in, I’d take a year off and then apply again, although I didn’t see why I wouldn’t get in. I had a good GPA, good enough ACT and SAT scores, and I was involved in extracurriculars I was passionate about.

I received my acceptance letter two years ago, on the morning of Christmas eve. It was the best Christmas present I was handed. Does it get any better than that? To find out at Christmastime that you’re going to your dream university? I was ecstatic.

People even now marvel that I applied to just one university, but I was certain of my decision. Transy was where I wanted to go. It was, and still is, the only place of higher education for me. Let me tell you why, and let me also tell you that all those things that were present when I first toured campus are still present and a big part of my life now.

I chose Transy on the basis of many criteria, including but not limited to, that it was in a city, it was liberal arts, that it was tough because I wanted to be challenged (and boy do I get challenged), the friendly atmosphere, and the campus scenery. And over the past year and a half of my time here I’ve faced many dilemmas, both personal and academic, but when I look back I am glad I faced them on this campus with friends and professors and staff that really truly do care about their students. I am not a number here. Nor do people know me as just another English major, because we cross disciplines and as students we are very much encouraged to try new things, to break out of our comfort zones, and to discover and fine-tune what it is we are striving towards.

The waiting is hard. Waiting will always be hard.

My message to you is this: be patient – I bet an acceptance letter is coming to your house soon, too, if it hasn’t already.