Wash Your Hands!

nikki smith

You gotta love that Kentucky weather. Going from being in the 60’s to freezing is great… not really. So, here are a few things you can do in your dorm room to keep you and your roomie and your Transy family from getting sick this winter.

1. Dust Bust. Get some kind of furniture polish (I recommend pledge multi-surface because it can go on anything) and get that dust out! It’ll help keep allergies from acting up which will keep you from catching a nasty cold or anything else.

2. Sweep and Vacuum. After you dust you have to get the rest of it off the floor. You’ll be able to breathe a lot easier!

3. Clorox Wipes. Using Clorox Wipes on common surfaces will keep down on germs too.

4. Wash Dishes. Make sure to wash your dishes and don’t let stuff sit around you’ll get mold fast.

5. Take out the Trash. Keeping things clean helps cut down on bad smells, attracting bugs, or causing mold.

6. Wash Your Hands!

7. And be sure to stay warm!

Hopefully, everyone has a good non-sick winter!