20 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

brittany fallen

Grumpy Cat

How can you not love Grumpy Cat?

We all get a little bummed when we have to return to school after winter break, right? Not to mention the freezing temperatures!

Here are 20 ways you can cheer yourself up when facing the winter blues:

1. Stalk Transy Admissions on all available social networking sites.

2. Look up Grumpy Cat pictures.

3. Dress up as Barney for your next doctor’s appointment.

4. Send someone you love a card to let them know you appreciate them.

5. Print out my photo and draw a mustache on it.

6. Go to the gym.

7. Change all of the contacts in your unsuspecting friend’s phone to characters from Harry Potter.

8. Bake something delicious.

9. Read a good book.

10. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

11. Listen to 90’s music and remember how cool you used to think certain bands were.

12. Volunteer at your local food bank.

13. Write “Happy birthday” on someone’s Facebook wall when it’s not their birthday. This will start a chain reaction!

14. Learn something new, like sign language!

15. Look at old (and sometimes embarassing) pictures.

16. Get dressed up and go out to eat with friends.

17. Play in the snow.

18. Get into a deep conversation about the logistics of Lord of the Rings.

19. Buy some adult footie pajamas.

20. Take a nap.